Beast cam chat

The last piece of the puzzle for that solution is to get a stream to be sent from processing.

I was looking for some libaray which can help me to stream video over the lan or internet on my PC.

As a highly functional group video service and a fantastic mobile solution for person-to-person video chat, Hangouts is great as long as everyone using the service is fairly technically minded.

My family, which is currently stretched across the world for various reasons, frequently takes an hour to bring everyone together via Hangouts.

The latest attraction features 13 custom built seats in the rear hopper section of a steel demolition trailer, which is roughly twice the length of a typical dump truck bed and therefore twice the height when fully erect.

The attraction raises passengers over 30 feet in the air as the machine’s tail gate opens and vibration activates; giving the riders a simulated experience of being a dump truck’s payload.“Typically a dump truck or demolition trailer of this size would be used to haul debris from a construction site too heavy or cumbersome for a normal dump truck to carry,” said Ilya Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA.

For years we've been sold on the idea that smartphones with great front-facing cameras would enable the ability to simply pick up your phone and call someone through video, but rarely does that experience go smoothly even between two people who are familiar with how the tech works.

This is where Google wants its new video service, Duo, to shine.

Two Nine TV reporters who engaged in a messy wardrobe argument are making light of an embarrassing video of the incident.

Video chat needs to escape its current social limitations, and Duo is the first attempt.

The act of communicating in real time through video hasn't really changed in nearly 20 years.

Have another computer launch a processing app that is set to look at the IP address of the computer sending the video signal. I also had to figure out the GStreamer stuff on the Processing end, which was crazy complicated, and very few tutorials/info about. when I moved to the windows side, I found the GStreamer plugins that worked on Mac were not available.

IPCapture ( however works with 2.0 and seems to be simpler to use (more like the built in Capture) This worked pretty well on a mac, once I figured out the stream settings from VLC, but it was pretty ugly compression and lots of frames were dropped occasionally.

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