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If the guitar has been altered, it can depreciate the value of the guitar tremendously.

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Without a block of wood choking it, the inverted resonator vibrated freely and sustained notes longer than the biscuit-bridge cone.In order to keep this in a manageable format and size, only wooden-bodied screen hole resonator guitars will be addressed in this article.It is, after all, the preferred instrument for a bluegrass band setting.The most complimentary thing that can be said about the consistency of the companies in this pre-war era is that "During this period of time, the companies were consistently inconsistent." We will start at taking a brief look at the history surrounding the companies that built the early Dobro® guitars.(As we go along, you'll find that some knowledge of this historical background is very helpful when you start attempting to identify various models of guitars.) We will then make a short study of the construction characteristics that were unique to the different production facilities and to different time periods and that help to make the identification of these early guitars possible.

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