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I had not been that happy up till the reveal in, well, maybe ever. HIV-positive people shouldn't lie to their sex partners. There are people in prison today—mostly men, mostly black—for failing to disclose.These disclosure laws incentivize knowing your status—you can't be punished for not disclosing what you don't know—putting everyone at higher risk. It's possible he lied to you about his status—a lie he regarded as harmless thanks to his undetectable viral load—because he assumed this would be a hookup and nothing more.

Since Gill left me, life had been a little mundane, to say the least, so some time with old friends in the warm sun was something I was not going to let go by.

If you’re in a certain position where your vagina rubs against something and you find it pleasurable, right there you’ll discover the world of humping.

After some careful investigation, a post taken from our boards asks readers about humping techniques: indieblues : So what are the best humping techniques to get turned on?

It’s a raw and honest act complete with unsexy faces.

It’s for these same reasons that masturbation scenes range from touching (no pun intended) and thought provoking to hilarious and cringe worthy. Any general thoughts on masturbation or its portrayal in the media? GIF My Life: Talking About Masturbation Follow us on Twitter!

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    From Jim Wilcox - A pair of Hagstroms vintage 1976. That one had been hanging over a heater in Western Pennsylvania when I bought it.

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    Your coaches can help you to: "I chose the Adult Education program because it was the perfect subject matter for my interest.