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37), but if so it is unlikely he could discharge it (p. The sad fact is that, but for her suspicious death and her commemoration by her widower, from grief or guilt as the case may be, we should know nothing of her save a few Greek dedications that would not have inspired the exploration of her life even for the sake of women's history. In this connection she naturally mentions the forensic clash with Fronto defused by M. 2, she had attributed Herodes' acquittal to 'the intervention of the emperor', whom on pp. Sounder is the description in the same chapter of the differences in customs between Greece and Rome that Regilla will have encountered to her disadvantage as a woman; here Pomeroy draws on Plutarch's Coniugalia praecepta, which she has translated (Oxford, 1999).As it is, for want of specific evidence, Pomeroy has to present 'a generic picture of upper-class girlhood and adulthood' (pp. 1, 'Girlhood in Rome', a topic hitherto inadequately treated, as she admits (pp. 119 and 124 she identifies as Marcus without considering the widespread opinion that the trial took place Bradua consule, hence still under Antoninus Pius. Even with a focus on Regilla and not her husband, Pomeroy (like her) cannot avoid Herodes' in particular his imitation Antinous, Polydeucion.The birth (and hence death) of Herodes' and Regilla's firstborn is dated on p. Contested as the dates of Fronto's letters are, that cannot be, for his reply to Marcus speaks of his consulate, which we now know to have fallen in July and August 142, as in the past (Ep. If she disliked the relationship, either as such (because in Rome, Cupid 'regularly employs his arrows for heterosexual purposes', p. 45), she must have noticed that the foster-son trumped the children in their father's statuary. In her portion there was a statue that by the seventeenth century had attracted the legend of a wealthy woman who, like Niobe, had proclaimed herself beyond the reach of misfortune (pp.

It seems also to have been Regilla who bestowed the fountain of Peirene on Corinth, and the exedra or some other benefaction on Delphi. 4, 'Death in Athens and Murder Trial in Rome', Pomeroy states that the sole burden of guilt for Regilla's death was laid on Alcimedon: 'No one claimed that she had died of natural causes' (p. This does not emerge from Philostratus' account, in which Herodes denies giving any such order, but is not said to have admitted that Alcimedon gave the blow; it was surely safer to claim that, not having been present (the charge as reported does not imply he was), he naturally had no first-hand knowledge of how Regilla died, but on interrogating the household had been informed that she had spontaneously and fatally miscarried, than to lay himself open to the question why he had taken no action against the murderer, whom we still find in his service fifteen years later at the trial in Sirmium (Philostratus, VS 560-1).

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I started this exercise three years ago, and 10 years of data seemed like a good pool to work with.

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