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She mentions her in this blog: (Tegan has been living in living in California recently, along with her home in Vancouver) I don't really know for certain who it is, but I'm assuming this is her, even though it says she's single: One continent is barely big enough to contain Tegan and Sara Quin.thinking to herself, "What the hell are you talking about? " So there’s a little bit of fiction in it, in that it’s not something that was happening in my life at that moment. And I also remember when I was just getting into the relationship that I’m in now, I was feeling panicked, because it had been years since I’d been in a serious relationship.And I was feeling jealous and insecure, like "What if they were to leave me for somebody else?

Posted in Entertainment, Music, tagged Broken Social Scene, February 2009 Vancouver, Fiest Broken Social Scene, Give chase, Olympic Cultural Event Vancouver 2010, Orpheum Theater Vancouver, Sara Quin, Tegan and Sara, Tegan and Sara Sixth Album, Tegan Quin Lyndsey Byrnes on February 12, 2009| Leave a Comment » Last weekend while I was visiting Vancouver in the lovely Canada I had the opportunity to catch one of the city’s Cultural events which are leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.Sara strove to deliver her feelings through metaphors, her love through images, her emotions through melodies; meanwhile Tegan was the braver one - her words honest, her emotions clear, her feelings never hidden.This contradiction between their personalities and the complex relationship they had made them who they are today, shaped their music into a form of inner monologue between two people trying to reach each other despite the difficulties surrounding them.So we are very close, although I am pretty sure we will be touring with a couple of songs in the fall, the record itself won’t come out until January. I know I’ve been saying this, and it could just be self-defense so we’re not setting ourselves up for disappointment, but I do really feel like this is the best record we’ve made. But I think the songs are all really strong, and the producers we used are so amazing and it’s definitely a kick in the face. In a strange way it’s more the direction we were going in a few of our earlier records, like where it was more keyboard and pop and lots of melodies and tons of vocals.So I think a true Tegan and Sara fan will absolutely still hear the essence of Tegan and Sara.

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